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Hi, I am Elena Yordanova, a professional photographer based in Bulgaria. With a passion for travel and adventure, I explore the human–nature relationship, through landscape, cityscape, street, lifestyle and portrait photography. 


My art is born out of my love for the outdoors and my desire to capture the unique moments I encounter on my travels. I believe that every image has a story to tell and my hope is to inspire people to explore and appreciate the natural world while being mindful of its fragility.  

My educational background and professional experience for the past eight years is mainly in the field of marketing and print advertising. That is the reason I feel confident creatin working with companies, managing campaigns as well as creative projects and being a part of deverse teams. If you are interested in working together, I offer a range of services such as: 

Brand Content Creation

If you are looking for specific visual content for your brand that you can use for projects, campaigns and marketing purposes, I offer to create high-quality photos with full rights usage.

Image Licensing

All my photos can be licensed for your commercial projects.

Wall Art Prints

You can get your favourite photograph as a quality print and beautifully framed to display in your personal or professional interior space.

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